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72 Hour Kits and Emergency Preparedness

We offer 72 hr kits, long term food storage, emergency water filtration and storage items, CERT team supplies, EMS, Fire, Police and Military bulk emergency preparedness supplies.

If a disaster or terrorist attack happened, would you be prepared?

Four person deluxe 72 hour kit

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30+ years experience - 100% Secure transactions - Fast Delivery

With over 30 years in the emergency preparedness business we are your one stop for all emergency supplies. We carry a full line of 72 hr kits, 1st Aid supplies, Bulk survival foods, EMT/EMS trauma kits, Car Emergency Kits, Safety Gear, Burn kits, and more.

Our best selling 72 hour kit - the 4 person deluxe 3-day survival kit.

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72 Hour Kits


 Large Group

Single Person 

 72 Hour Kit-deluxe, multi-person 72 hour kit  72 hour kits-20 person disaster survival kit  72 hour kit for a single person

Build 72 Hour Kits

 Backpacks Emergency Warmth  Food and Water
 72 Hour Kit Backpack  Emergency Survival Solar Sleeping Bag  72 hour kit water supply-purified water for disaster planning

Emergency Food

 1 Year Food Supply  MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)  Survival Food Bars
 Long term food supplies  MRE-Meals Ready to Eat-Long term food storage option  Survival Food Bar Rations

Emergency Water

 Water Storage  Water Purification  Bulk Water
 55 gallon barrel water storage system  Katadyn water purification filter  Purified water in pouches for building 72 hour kits

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