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Recon Medical

Recon Medical BLK-1PAK-FBA Tourniquet

$ 23.98 $ 39.98

Battlefield Tourniquet

Life-saving equipment - hemorrhaging is the leading cause of preventable death in tactical and non-tactical trauma situations. The fast application of a tourniquet to be 100 percent effective in quickly stopping arterial blood flow in shortest application time-saving life and limb.

Patent pending finger hole design for better grip in mud, blood, or wet weather - easily add one or more to home emergency kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt or carried on yourself for immediate use. - easy simple design - one-handed design for self-application.

Apply a second tourniquet to stop the difficult arterial bleeding. - windlass quickly adjusts the pressure in case bleeding restarts. - timestamp - write down time of application to identify time limits and prevent potential blood poisoning.

Cold resistant technology when it matters most after much testing, we've designed a composite buckle that resists breaking and cracking in cold weather lifetime guarantee.

First responders - the single most important life-saving device you can carry when applied correctly.

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