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Blackhawk Tactical Holster Platform

$ 54.00 $ 67.00
The CQC leg platform mounting platform BLACKHAWK consists of a shaped thigh-plate with Y-suspension and 2 non-slip leg strap.
Both the suspension and the leg straps are individually adjustable.
The platform is designed for recording of BLACKHAWK Level 2 and 3 SERPA holsters, and other surfaces and can be put quickly by means of a quick-release closure.

From the proven polymer Carbon Fiber Plastic, it can be mounted on various BLACKHAWK holster with screws and offers a holster room for two pistol magazine Bag and can be also equipped with the BLACKHAWK Quick Disconnect System Kit.

Why You Need the Blackhawk Tactical Holster Platform

  • Convenience and reliability during raids or other special operations
  • Compatible with BLACKHAWK! Duty Gear belt pouches
  • Works with SERPA CQC Carbon-Fiber Holster or SERPA Duty Holsters
  • Unique Y-harness with quick-disconnect articulated belt attachments
  • Dual leg strap design

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