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Freeze dried cheese lasagna

Wise Company

Wise Company Freeze Dried Food - Cook in the Pouch - Cheezy Lazagna (6 Pack)

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Freeze Dried Emergency Food Supplies

Ideal for emergency food storage, backpacking, camping, hunting or hiking. Our long term food storage packages are stuffed with a generously portions and can be cooked in their mylar pouch. Our freeze dried meals are great for any outdoor or emergency type situation you may find yourself in. Simply add warm water, stir and eat.Delicious serving of cheesey lasagna entree

  • Enriched Tagliatelle Noodles with Sausage, Textured Vegetable Protein, Parmesan and Romano Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Onions and Spices.
  • Great for camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, or long-term food storage.
  • Easy to prepare in minutes by just adding water.
  • Up to a 7 year shelf life
  • Makes 2 Servings

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