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WiseFire Emergency Fire Starter Fuel

Wise Company

Emergency and Survival Readyfuel

$ 34.99

WiseFire 1 Gallon 60 Cup Fuel Starter Source

The ultimate fire solution! The easiest fire you'll ever light! 

WiseFire is a great fire starter. Unlike similar products, WiseFire does not contain any harmful chemicals or vapors, making it a perfect choice for people, food and the environment. 

As a critical part of your emergency preparation fuel source, WiseFire is a versatile and ready emergency fuel source for any situation from camping to any survival situation. WiseFire doesn't freeze, evaporate or melt. it is clean, water soluble and odorless.

WiseFire 1 gallon/60 cup bucket contains enough fire starter to boil approximately 60 cups of water.

Why You Need WiseFire

  • For the casual hiker or weekend camper, WiseFire helps keep supplies to a minimum.
  • WiseFire is light and easy carry
  • It can be counted on to start a fire, burn hot, boil water, and cook a meal
  • When it's finished burning simply blow away
  • Perfect for Extreme Conditions
  • WiseFire will surpass the expectations of adventurers, extreme athletes, and wilderness explorers.
  • WiseFire can be transported globally by airplane and will burn at high elevations.
  • Approved by the US Military, ReadyFuel has been thoroughly tested and approved by RDECOM, and favored over the standard FRH by 95% of the soldiers randomly selected from the Combat Medics Course during field training at Camp Bullis, Texas.
  • 30+ Year Shelf Life
  • Non-combustible and Non-explosive
  • Does Not Evaporate, Freeze or Melt
  • Burns Clean, No Carbon Monoxide

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